Social Media – Cant get it right?

So you’re trying to figure out why your posts on social media dont look as good as everyone else. You are constantly amending sizes of images and graphics and nothing seems to look right. You dont know how best to write your posts and what effect they have on your website or whether the links are providing any forwarded traffic. In a nutshell you are thinking I need some Social Media Tips.

So what are the steps I need to take?

We have put together 5 Social Media Tips that should point you in the right direction and also enable you to effectively and quickly create posts on your timelines. The steps will also ensure that your Social Media accounts are getting maximum exposure, they are looking fabulous & your website is benefiting from your posts on Social Media.

5 simple steps for Social Media


Check with the specific social media platform as to how many characters show on the post without “read more” text. Research shows that people dont often click the read more text. However they will click on a link that is clearly highlighted if it interests them. One you have figured this out for all social media platforms, write a version of the same post for each (making sure thy are not carbon copies of each other – as google does not like duplication).


Using the attached chart (as an example for Facebook only – if you need links to size charts for any other social media platforms please feel free to contact us) find the size of image you would like to use for your post and create multiple images that is sized correctly for the platforms you’re posting on that are relevant to the text in your post. You can also see a full size chart here on this Social Media 2016 Cheat Sheet.


Make sure that links you provide in your post to your website land on a page that has relevant information on the page to the post you’re creating. There is no point sending someone to a page on your site if the page they land on bares no relevance to what you have posted on your social media. This will only mark you down in googles rankings if you do this so think before you send someone to your contact us page or your home page if it has nothing relevant to the post created.


Make sure when posting that you post “AS YOUR COMPANY”. Avoid posting to your companies social media page as you as an individual. Aim to do one post per day for your company.


Do not copy the text and re-post into groups as this is also seen as duplication and will mark you down with google. Using the SHARE BUTTON to re-post anything is the correct way to do it. This will mean you are sharing an existing post and is then not classed as duplication of data. The best way to get interaction from your posts is to share the post within groups and on pages you believe will respond with a comment to your post or share it for you on their timeline. The more you can get this to happen the bigger the buzz you create from your post.

You’re on your way to a healthy Social Media presence

Follow the above simple steps and you should have no worries with your social media presence and no issues with google quality rank being effected by poorly generated posts.

If you are looking for help with your companies Social Media or online presence, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Scott Ballam
Managing Director