If you have a business or brand and run a website. You already understand how important it is for both lead generation and brand recognition. However, it’s not just about having a website; understanding your website traffic is critical to the success of your brands biggest asset. Analyzing your websites traffic will show insights into user behavior, engagement, and conversion rates. 

Being a Google Certified partner in both Google Ads and Google Analytics we know our way around website traffic and tracking conversions.
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What does website traffic tell you?

Tracking your Website traffic from Google Analytics provides a tonne of information about the visitors to your site. It offers insights into their preferences, interests, and engagement patterns. You can take it one stepfurther by settting up tag’s that fire on specific events that users take. But that’s for another day. Here are some key metrics to consider:

Pageviews: Simply put Pageviews indicate the total number of pages users see on your website. Giving you insight on the best performing pages on your site.

Sessions: This is how many times a user interacts with your website. It starts when a user lands on your site and ends after a period of inactivity or upon leaving the site.

Bounce Rate: This indicates the What amount of users leave your website after viewing only a single page. Depending how your site is setup a higher percentage can be alarming but it worth looking at this on a page by page basis.

Time on Page: One of the most important variables is of course time on page which as it says measures the average duration visitors spend on a specific page. If you have a 2000 word page its going to take longer than 15 seconds to read. So understand user engagement again on a page by page basis.

Country & Region: Another factor you can check is the users origin. This can be great for understanding who is engaging with your business. But also for security reasons if a region or country is a potential risk or threat. You can check our website security article on how to keep your site safe. 

What is a good time on page?

There is no set time that is the golden ticket to success because it can vary significantly based on various factors, including the type of content, user intent, and page purpose. That being said obviously longer durations generally indicate deeper engagement. Things like video or long form blog posts will keep a user active and good content provides answers to your potential clients questions.

Instead of focusing solely on a specific time frame, it’s essential to track time on page relative to your website’s content and its goal. An example of this would be a services page for a law firm that offers a consultation to a specific problem, let’s say “Divorce Law” this should have multiple topics that need to be covered to gain the users trust in the hope of converting them. That content maybe easy to consume and only take a minute to digest and fill out a form. 

Setting up conversion triggers will bring even more insight.


Can I tell how my website converts?

Understanding how your website converts is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts and optimizing conversion rates. Conversion tracking allows you to measure specific actions that align with your business goals, such as purchases, form submissions, or newsletter sign-ups. By tracking conversions, you can gain insights into the channels, campaigns, or pages that drive the most conversions and focus your efforts accordingly.

To track conversions, you can utilize various tools such as Google Analytics or third-party platforms that integrate with your website. These tools enable you to set up conversion goals, track key events, and generate reports to analyze conversion rates. By understanding the conversion funnel, you can identify areas where users drop off or encounter obstacles, allowing you to refine your website and marketing strategies to improve conversions.

Analyzing your websites traffic is a key part to the success of your online peformance. Setting up conversion tracking and tag management is not a task most businesses understand or want to do in house. Which is why our team can provide the training or management of your tracking. If you’d like to see how we can help your business visit our web design page. 

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