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Why Pay Per Click?

The case study starts just as our performance reviews do, we cover three challenges that are bringing new clients to us. Statistics tell us these three common challenges for a PPC campaign are;

* CHALLENGE #1: THE ACQUISITION OF NEW PATIENTS / CLIENTS  <–  (Common to every business)

While two of the three challenges share a common goal, we will focus those first.  The acquisition of new clients is something every business owner around the world must both develop and understand. Achieving growth can come in a variety of ways, from PPC advertising on both Google Ads and social media platforms. To organic outreach through website traffic, referrals and on going engagement.

While the cost per click strategy can cost over $100 per click depending on the location and competition for the desired keywords. Add to this that most businesses aren’t using the correct targeting or conversion tracking. Making  client acquisition costs almost impossible to track.

Our PPC Method

PPC is the icing on the cake to our marketing services. Our goal is to improve organic search presence for our clients to gradually reduce the overall cost to acquire new clients. We start by building a strong PPC campaign while giving clients the option to build SEO during this time. As you can see from our case study now. 

We start by analyzing a number of things during our first assessment of a businesses marketing presence. We don’t just look at your website design, traffic, optimization and online presence. We dive into the systems you have in place for both monitoring and converting potential leads. Systems that are crucial for the success of both your business and beating the three main challenges we listed above.

In this PPC case study “Achtari Law” had relatively low engagement on their website and little to no traffic or conversions. Over a number of meeting’s we discussed branching out the services and optimizing a new website to provide solutions to problems potential client/s may have. Offering the “Value” to both engage and convert traffic to clients.

Internally new systems were put in place to monitor both conversion rates and industry trends. Providing valuable insight in to the correct audience and what services they need.

Add to that the industry leading CTR and search impression share. Our PPC campaigns deliver high quality converted new clients month after month. 

2023 Update – We are continually seeing well over 800 users per month a massive 500% increase from where the website original was. We have also dropped the PPC budget down as the organic presence has increased as you can see from the snapshots below.


I highly recommend Reason 2 Design. I worked with Scott with respect to the design of my office website and marketing. He took the time to listen to me and my specific requirements and worked with me throughout the process. He is knowledgeable and willing to work with you to achieve success.

Negar Achtari

Senior Partner, Achtari Law

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Achtari Law Update

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