Google Ads Case Study

This case study showcases our performance in Google Ads for a dental client in Quebec.

Our key focus is lowering cost of new patients while increasing patient acquisition.

Assessment Before Success

The following results are taken from our Google Ad management for a dental clinic located in Gatineau, Quebec. Being Google Certified Partners ensures we acquire high quality leads by limiting the amount of unwanted “clicks and leads”. Potential leads that fit the clinics requirements are key.


In bound lead generation is still the most important factor to any business. Understanding the attributes of your target audience increase the chances of converting new clients.

So where do we start?

We acquired this client after they had a number of bad experiences with other marketing agencies.



Let’s see the numbers

Ok so lets break down some industry standards. In this vertical “Dental” here are the industry standards as sourced from Word Stream’s Google Ads industry standard statistics. As you will see from the image the average cost per click for the medical industry is $2.62 USD.

This average is a broad average it works out to around $3.67 CAD. We’ve seen some clinics in the GTA with unoptimized accounts pay close to $32 per click for terms such as emergency dental.

Now lets see what we are able to do!

Click on the image below to enlarge.


Real Results = ROI

We cover a wide range of keywords in our ad campaign driving real patients with an average CPC (cost per click) of $2.37 CAD.

A click through rate of 8.77% which is four times the industry standard. But the landing page optimization is where it really shines through. 

A conversion rate of 11.43%. 

Branded ads to take out any chance of competitive piggy backing. See a 25% CTR with a 22.45% conversion rate. 



Audience knowledge combined with clear landing page optimization utilizing user experience signals get incredible results. This is a trend we see across all our Google Ad campaigns. 

Google rewards ads that get clicks by lowering the cost. Simply put Google wants to make money from ads that get clicks. The more clicks the more money.

We want out clients to share in that reward the better the ad and user experience the better the result. We lowered the cost per patient down to under $40 CAD which is almost $200 cheaper than the industry standard.

Be smart in how you manage your Googles Ads account. Use certified professionals like Reason 2 Design it guarantees everyone makes a solid return on investment.

Improve Your Client Acquisition

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