About Scott Ballam

He is the founding partner of Reason 2 Design Ltd. The head of operations in North America and partner in multiple businesses including Healthcare Tech, Mini Spinners UK, HYO Course Development and owner of record label (his passion project) Fish House Music.

After starting in corporate management in his early twenties, it was his focus on marketing that eventually became his chosen path. One that had been developing since earning his advanced diploma in business management, many years prior.

“Why are so many businesses lacking direction?”
“I see amazing business owners, that struggle managing their business!”.

These two points took his journey out of corporate world and into the world of brand building. Now 15 years on from that start, his goals are set on business management, marketing, strategic planning and analytical business growth.

These goals have already helped turn two start up businesses in to six figure power houses. Along with multiple local and national business success. What’s next is an open play book.

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You can find him on LinkedIn, he’s more than happy to help where he can.

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