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Search engine marketing and / or Search Engine Optimization has become one of, if not the most important part of any brand trying to market online in the twenty first century. While SEO has become more of a scientific process these days, due to search engines AI which continues to evolve. The algorithms that “rank” websites also continue to change periodically. These changes can affect those who aren’t versed in both on and off page optimization. As the landscape is ever changing there are a few crucial elements will always remain important, understanding your target audience and being an authoritative figure in your niche.

This is where most businesses seem to struggle. What is search engine optimization? Where do I start? Who is the right SEO company for me? Who is my audience and how do they find what they are looking for? How much content do I need? What keywords should I target? How do I get backlinks? Do I need Google Ads? These are all questions we hear on a regular basis…  Let’s take it from the top.

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What is search engine optimization?

SEO is generally the practice of increasing the quality of your traffic and amount of users who visit your website through strategic optimization. This process has changed over the past few years gone are the days of “ranking on keywords by adding lots to a page”. User intent is what all websites should be targeting along with value. How can you provide the best possible content (answers to their problems or needs) through text, video and social proof.

The optimization process itself is quite simply a popularity contest between websites. Who has the most people talking about them in reviews, blogs, social mentions? Who has the strongest content again with entities to prove their value.

Google will provide the best results to its clients the users searching based of a number of factors but their goal is a happy experience to those searching.

Why do local Orleans businesses need SEO?

Businesses in Orleans and around the Ottawa should always look to provide a positive experience for the end user their next potential client, obviously with a conversion in mind. However, that conversion will only take place if you provide the best possible content, social proof and services to those looking for your service or product. Optimizing your websites content to show reviews, featured snippets and local schema markup all help to tell search engines. Hey! – show that information in the search results, which builds authority and reputation.

Add this to your verified Google My Business listing with correct NAP citations across business directories and social media accounts all these signals send positive message to search engines which improves your overall rankings.

Trust = Traffic = Return On Investment

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  • We are 100% Google Certified Partners – Google Analytics + Google Adwords.
  • Detailed Monthly Analytical Reports.
  • Scientific Analysis On & Off Page.
  • Proven Results In Search Engine Optimization.
  • Integrated Goal Tracking In Google Analytics.
  • Conversion Optimization – On Page Recording User Behavior.
  • Increase ROI & Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs.
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What some of our clients are saying!

Scott and his team have helped me grow my Ottawa practice  month over month. While I am continuing to learning more about my business and our target market in the process. Highly recommend the R2D team.

David Larouche

CEO, Activis Group


Highly recommend! I worked with Scott with respect to the design and marketing of my firm’s website. He took the time to listen to me and my specific requirements and worked with me throughout the process. He is local to Ottawa knowledgeable and willing to work with you until the job is properly done.

Negar Achtari

Senior Partner, Achtari Law

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We have had the pleasure of working with R2D since we launched back in 2016. Scott and his team have amazed us with their analytical attention to detail providing us with amazing click through rates and client acquisition. Our monthly revenue is among the industry leaders purely from their expertise. Highly recommend both Scott and his team.

Steven Lee

Managing Director, Synthetic Group

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